The Centre is closed, but we are still active

As you will probably have gathered, as per government guidance, Mirfield Community Centre is currently closed to all users. The Trustees and volunteers are popping in from time to time to make sure that everything is OK, but if the Centre is on your daily exercise route and you do spot something, please let us know, either via our contact page or via Facebook. However… we have also been busy doing our bit to support key workers.

So far our Chair, Catherine Whittingham has made 142 masks, for care homes without PPE, carers, nurses, key workers also without PPE, and anyone else who has asked for them. These masks were designed by a hospital & fullfil filtration regulations if using the right filter. Ours have a HEPA filter in them. The response from the Mirfield Community Centre Trustees and others in Mirfield has been great, they’ve been supplying pipe cleaners, elastic and the HEPA bags, used for filters. We’ve also managed to get 2000 actual FFP2/N95 high quality medical masks. These have been given to Huddersfield Dialysis unit, a Mental health hospital and a local charity. If you know key workers who don’t have PPE and would like a mask please message Catherine, again via our contact page or via Facebook.

Catherine isn’t charging for the masks, but is taking donations of fabric, pipe cleaners, and elastic. Drop donations off at the Centre. But please share photos on social media and if you really wish to make a donation, send a cheque made out to Mirfield Community Trust to the address on our contact page, marking the cheque ‘masks’ on the back.

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