The Red Box Project

Have you noticed the red box just inside the door at the Community Centre?

This is part of the Red Box Project, an initiative to ensure that young women can have access to sanitary products in schools.

Logo for the Red Box Project

According to their Facebook page, this is what they are about:

We quietly ensure that no young woman misses school because she has her period.

Working as a nationwide community of women, Red Box Project seeks to provide free sanitary items for the young women in our local schools.

How does it work? People make donations of sanitary items (just pop them in the box), and volunteer Red Box coordinators pick them up and share them in local schools where there is most need. The nationwide initiative started in March 2017 and in only two years has expanded to offer over 3000 boxes providing menstrual products to young people.

They are also leading a campaign to end period poverty, so that no child missed out on education because of their period.

Edit: Here’s the local Kirklees branch.

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