Shoufukan Martial Arts Marathon for Sport Relief

Shoufukan Dojo trained in a 24 hour practice session of the martial art of Takenouchi-ryu Bitchuden in aid of Sport Relief from 11:00 am Saturday 17th to 11:00 am on Sunday 19th March 2018 at the Mirfield Community Centre, Water Royd Lane, Mirfield, WF14 9SG. About twelve people took part, the youngest of whom was ten and the oldest over five times that age. They succeeded in always having at least one pair training throughout the marathon attempt.

“We aimed to beat our last Sport Relief marathon when we raised over £800.  Two years is just enough time to forget how tough it was to keep going.” said instructor, Anna Seabourne. “But if we can raise some cash for Sport Relief, then we will be able to make a difference to people’s lives in the UK and overseas.  We tweeted throughout the event on @shoufukan, and welcomed messages from around the world!”

In 2011, the dojo raised over £700 for the Japan tsunami appeal. More information about the dojo and Takenouchi-ryu can be found on the website at, or call 0844 870 1532.

The instructor, Anna Seabourne, has been involved in martial arts since 1987, and before going to Japan in 1995 ran a junior Ju Jitsu club in London for two years. In addition to Takenouchi-ryu Bitchuden Kobudo, she holds dan (black belt) grades in Ju Jitsu and Shorinji Kempo.  She recently completed a PhD at the University of Manchester researching the teaching and learning in classical Japanese martial arts. Shoufukan, the first Takenouchi-ryu dojo in Europe, opened in the Autumn of 2007 and trains throughout the year.  They have run workshops for students at Calderdale College and Castle Hall School and regularly demonstrate in Mirfield and elsewhere. The dojo is run on a non-profit basis.  New students over 10 years old are welcome throughout the year.


Anna Seabourne

0844 870 1532


DSC_5869.JPGThe survivors… cold, tired, but a good time had by all.

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